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Organized data is the primary root supporting the activities of today’s successful nonprofits. Let’s get started cleaning up data for your organization.


Get It Done With Us

Data Cleansing & Matching

Send us your messy spreadsheets and we will clean them up! Information generated from your supporters like donations, event attendance, and contact information is typically scattered, prone to typos, and difficult to match with your existing records. We have the know-how to overcome these challenges.

Data Standardization

Nonprofits struggle with organizing  their information in a way useful for data enrichment and storage. We have the tools to arrange it into a proper format and enable your future fundraising.

Data Enrichment

Information in your community is always  evolving in the digital era we live in. Measuring your success in this environment with useful metrics is important. We work hard to keep your information current, so that your board can effectively monitor progress against goals.

The Value of Data

Are you regularly in touch with your supporters?  Do you have a complete profile on your biggest donors?  Are you planning for a capital campaign or an upcoming event? All of these questions require good information to answer.  Before an effective marketing communication, fundraising event or capital campaign strategy can be developed, data about your nonprofit community needs to be analyzed and understood.

Limited Time and Knowledge

Nonprofits are often managed by leaders with busy schedules and limited time or knowledge to maintain good database maintenance​.  Community Dataroots understands this reality and was started to serve this need specifically for nonprofits.  Our solution is straightforward and adaptable to your organization’s data maturity level.

"Community Dataroots has been instrumental in building out the shared database between our foundation and alumni association. Their work has given a tremendous boost to our marketing and communication efforts. I highly recommend their services."

- Stephanie Smith, Director of Public Relations
Fort Osage School District
Independence, MO


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